LowCityRain is loneliness and hope, distraction, ecstasy and escapism. It is a reckoning with your own inadequacy and uncertainty under the cover of the style and the dolce vita of the 1980s: the yearning for comfort, dancing alone with your eyes closed, lonely car rides through the centre of the city at night, the aloofness of the girl who doesn't even know you... With LowCityRain, Markus Siegenhort (Lantlôs) indulges his love for the music and aesthetics of the original Wave scene and his interpretation of the attitude of the 1980s. Musical godfathers of his project are Post-Punk and Wave bands such as The Cure, Killing Joke, or Asylum Party as well as contemporary Dreampop/Chillwave acts such as M83 or Washed Out.

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