Yugoth and Baldachin, better known as Schwadorf and Helm from Empyrium, showcase their love for earthy Hard Rock and Prog Rock with Noekk. Baldachin/Helm is in charge of this project, though the music still renders homage to the mysteries of nature and is enwrought with dark moods. Their 2005 debut album "The Water Sprite" stood in the tradition of Scandinavian Prog Rock and featured lyrics by Tolkien as well as a cover-version by Dead Can Dance, while the three mammoth tracks on "The Grimalkin" (2006) was clearly indebted to Doom; "The Minstrel's Curse" (2008), finally, highlighted their predilection for classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Instead of a sprawling virtuosity, however, Noekk focus on spontaneity and atmosphere, with Helm's voice lending a timeless flair to these mountains of songs.

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