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Anti normative black ambient - NOÊTA sign with Prophecy Productions

NOÊTA is a musical duo that hails from Västra Götaland, Sweden. Featuring multi-instrumentalists Êlea and Ândris, NOÊTA plays “anti-normative black ambient" music that it calls “an accompaniment to introspection.” The duo’s wonderfully elusive sound is fascinating and compelling, yet difficult to categorize. This is music as mood; poetic, dark ambient landscapes predominantly built through analogue equipment and Êlea's enticing, mesmerizing voice. NOÊTA takes its name from ancient Greek philosophy. For Plotinus noêta are the universal thoughts that are not dependent on being thought or – in other words – that exist without somebody (or something) thinking them. Prophecy Productions are happy to welcome NOÊTA to our roster and to support this special act in its future endeavors! Following its self-released debut EP, "psykhē", (2015), NOÊTA's vision will come to its true realization with the band’s full-length debut "Beyond Life And Death", tentatively scheduled for release in early 2017.

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