Prophecy Productions Philosophy

Prophecy Productions is a company composed of devoted music fans striving to discover surprising, creative and emotionally impactful artists. With each new artist, Prophecy cultivates a meaningful relationship, helping to provide a foundation for their sonic talents.

Martin Koller formed Prophecy Productions in Germany, 1996. The label has since taken on numerous inventive bands from various rock and metal subgenres. Empyrium, Alcest, Bethlehem, Amber Asylum, Les Discrets, Lantlos, Arcturus and Lifelover are just a handful of acts that have had an exciting symbiotic relationship with the label.

Koller explains, “I look for high-quality artists that will grow together with us. Over the years, a big family has grown around us consisting of fans, artists, music businesses and peers, with one common interest – creating and sharing dark and transcending art. And it's always growing bigger. Prophecy Productions is a refuge for people that search for things of an untamed out-of-the-box nature.”

Markus Stock of Empyrium, the first band signed to the label, adds, “Prophecy has a great understanding that a band is an artistic entity as a whole. The lyrics and the visuals are of great importance and if one part falls short it won‘t become a Prophecy band.”

Stock recalls, “I met Martin pretty much right after Empyrium released that demo, ...der wie ein Blitz vom Himmel fiel... in 1995. It got a lot of praise in the international underground scene and Martin ordered, like, 20 copies from me for his mail-order business. About a week later, I got a letter from him telling me how much he loved the demo tape. This was the kind of enthusiasm that I loved, so we phoned a couple of times, chatted about everything scene-related and decided to meet in person and talk about the possibility of him releasing our debut album. The rest is history, so to speak.”

As Prophecy Productions brought discerning listeners some of the best, most inventive styles from around the world, today the label is proud to announce their official expansion and presence in USA. In 2017, Koller moved to California, and is now working closely with a dedicated team of music professionals, marketing experts and promotional gurus to establish Prophecy Productions as a new breeding ground for top-notch North American talent.

The first new band signed to Prophecy USA is Khôrada, featuring three members of post-metal icons Agalloch, and the singer of Giant Squid, Aaron John Gregory. The band’s self-titled debut will come out July 20. “We’re so excited about this album,” says Stefan Belda, label manager of Prophecy's European division. “It’s fantastic and one of our most important releases of the year".

In addition to Khôrada, Prophecy USA has signed notorious black metallers Nachtmystium & Xasthur, midnight-tinted doom crust band Eye Of Nix, brooding, textural, surreal outfit Silence In The Snow, transfiguring psychedelic sludge masters Year Of The Cobra and the highly prolific post-black/electronic noise superstar, Crowhurst.

What’s most striking about the new U.S. signings are that they’re all ambitious experimental outfits, and none of them sound anything alike. Belda stated, "We want to release music that’s exciting, expanding the scope of what Prophecy is about. Looking for music which cannot be found on our roster yet."

In addition to having a forward-thinking vision, Prophecy offers it's artist's fair deals, encouraging exclusive signings, which evolve into mutual corporations through dynamic teamwork and support. “Prophecy's approach to combining a strong independent, underground mentality with classic music label strategies, is rare to find nowadays, especially in the US,” says A&R veteran Rayshele Teige.

Teige is no stranger to promoting underground music, having brought Norwegian black metal to North America in the ‘90s during her death metal heydays at Century Media Records. There she created the label subdivision Century Black. When her collaboration ended in '97, Teige represented a U.S. division for the influential French label Osmose.

Prophecy Productions caught my attention, mostly because of their unusual roster. Because Martin and I had several mutual friends, we became introduced at Prophecy Fest in 2015. Two years later he approached me while at Roadburn and presented to me of the possibility of teaming up".

Prophecy USA is continuing the label’s efforts in finding creative, unconventional bands by bringing on an experienced team that will work alongside Koller and Teige to sign and promote exceptional bands. Kay Shelton, a Northwest Terror Fest coordinator who has worked for both 20 Buck Spin and Wolves in the Throne Room, and Matt Bacon, of Metal Injection and Dropout Media have both pledged their allegiance to the cause. “I have always loved the diversity of Prophecy’s releases and the way the label values the esoteric and brainier side of music,” Bacon says.

Shelton adds, “Martin, and the whole Prophecy team, has such deep respect for the artist. That's something I truly love and value about the label. It can be disheartening in the music industry. People talk about bands like they're dollar signs, a name to drop, etc. All that should matter is the quality of the music, and to the people at Prophecy, that's how it is.”

Prophecy’s staff and artists are enthusiastic not only by the label’s belief in striking, original music, but also by their creative and artistic approach to album packaging. Prophecy's deluxe packaging is known to feature exclusive audio or video bonus', extra artwork, texts in the way of liner-notes, essays or translations and special promotional collectibles. A refreshing approach in an era when album art has too often been reduced to disregarded images on a computer screen. But it’s nothing new for Prophecy, which has always valued artwork and packaging as integral parts of a band’s presentation.

“We’ve searched for artistic and original ways to present our artists from the start,” says Belda. “There was a German death-doom metal band Nox Mortis that we signed in the ‘90s. For their debut album, Im Schatten des Hasses, we made a collector’s edition with music and a bottle of wine. I don’t know anyone else who has offered a bottle of wine with a CD!”

In addition to gearing up for the releases of the newest U.S. signings, the label is debuting the first Prophecy Fest USA. Spearheaded by Alcest while showcasing new signings, the festival modeled after the label’s summer festival in Europe, will take place in November in Brooklyn, NY to expose independent music lovers to a new branch of the established, well-respected label.
Consistency, Quality and Community – Prophecy Productions has been unleashing dark and transcendental music to the world since 1996.

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