Ever since their foundation in the year 1996, their uniquely intense music, their expressive German lyrics, and their charismatic stage presence are the trademarks of Dornenreich. The Austrians care little for stylistic determinations: albeit deeply rooted in the dark soil of 90s Black Metal, the band created a work of reference for German Metal with their third album "Her Von Welken Nächten" (2001), a record that is nurtured by the dark roots of the past but also sprouts new shoots towards folk and avant-garde. The album was widely regarded as a "milestone of Metal" by the music press, awarded with full marks, and frenetically acclaimed by the Black Metal fan-base. The ever-restless Dornenreich weren't to rest on their oars, though. With the follow-ups "Hexenwind" and "Durch Den Traum," they delivered two controversially discussed albums somewhere between the spirit of Black Metal and music far beyond that genre. This wasn't the end of their mutability, though. Their purely acoustic album "In Luft Geritzt" was as eagerly received by the band's fans as their return to heavier sounds on "Flammentriebe." One thing is for sure: it doesn't really matter whether they record their music in an unplugged setting or with a full Metal line-up - Dornenreich have created an indefinable and unique niche for themselves, staying true to their maxim "intense - mystic - timeless."

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