Formed in 2006, the trio has been at the vanguard of both the post-black metal movement and the vibrant resurgence of the UK black metal scene since their inception. Across five albums and several EPs, Fen have utilized atmospheric black metal as a means to draw the listener into sonic journeys across landscapes of desolation and bleakness. The band's evolution during this period is unmistakable – each aspect of their sound has been developed, honed and expanded to present a crystalline fusion of searing black metal, evocative doom and glittering, ethereal ambience. This evolution culminated in the epic "Winter" full-length, released in 2017 – a conceptual piece confronting bleakness, reflection, rage and sorrow across six colossal tracks. The group is something of a well-kept secret, but for their upcoming sixth album, Prophecy will seek to shine an even stronger light upon this new chapter of the band’s evolution.

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