Spiritual Front

Spiritual Front
Formed in 1999 as the solo project of Simone H. Salvatori, 'suicide pop' trio Spiritual Front has released numerous full-length albums, singles, EPs and collaborations since then. Spiritual Front dubs its sound 'catchy ballads for heartbreaker nihilist youth'; its Morricone-inspired neofolk channels art rock, tango, new wave and country influences through a modern lens, calling for comparison to Nick Cave, Swans and Scott Walker. Spiritual Front has earned a global following through the strength of its gripping live shows and the star power of Salvatori, a frontman whose dark storytelling is delivered with both heavy earnestness and disarming sincerity. The lyrical themes shared by Salvatori deal with issues such as searching for self-identity, sexuality, harsh realities and angry break-ups, each tinted with sarcasm, nihilism and biting humor. In its time as a band, Spiritual Front has collaborated with artists such as Lydia Lunch, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and many others, contributed to the soundtracks of the TV series "Las Vegas" and the motion picture "Saw 2" as well as independent films, theatre productions and modern ballets.

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