Subaudition – Antti Korpinen and Roope Niemelä have chosen a well-considered moniker for their band. It reflects the mysterious character of their songs somewhere between ambient and unplugged music, filled with a 'ghostly play' that seems to lead an independent existence beyond the evidently audible. The Finns' measured music is characterised by almost dusk-like melodies, created by numerous instruments, tranquil vocals, all woven together by an extraordinary sensitivity. Already with their first releases, Subaudition have garnered comparisons to Sigur Rós and Tenhi (both masters in the creation of such soundscapes) – not, however, because they copied these bands, but because there is a similarity regarding an uncommonly open kind of music. If you are searching for peaceful music and relaxation, there is hardly any better prescription for you than the dream-like albums by Subaudition.

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