Helrunar - Baldr ok Íss CD+DVD Digipak

26.10.2007 Item #: WOLF 017 LU Lupus Lounge
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Pagan Black Metal in perfection

From the very beginning, Helrunar have always aspired to infuse traditional Norse Black Metal with icy life, and this aim has been reached on "Baldr ok Íss", vehemently and passionately so. Under the guidance of producer Markus Stock, the trio has managed to fulfil their plan to record an absorbing and inevitably sweeping album without problems. The forceful dynamics of this album - after "Frostnacht" their second release on Lupus Lounge - stems from the dualism of two primordial principles, conceptionally embodied by Balder, god of light, and the force of ice. Faced with this forceful, captivating, and vivid music, each listener may murmur with the depths himself, just to watch the breath become a storm ...

The album is available as:
- Jewelcase CD
- Digipak CD/DVD incl. DVD with "Making Of Baldr Ok Íss" and "Live At Party.San"


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Lupus Lounge
Baldr ok Íss
CD+DVD Digipak

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