Silence In The Snow - Break In The Skin CD Digipak

26.07.2019 Item #: PRO 254 Prophecy Productions
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Silence In The Snow's first release, "Break In The Skin", was originally released in 2016. It is a minimalistic and powerful undertaking where a simple and shimmering guitar shines through, creating a melodic and hypnotizing post-pop masterpiece accented by Cyn M.'s haunting vocals. At points, the album can be both eerie and beautiful, often straying into one another’s realms for only just a moment. It’s easy to get lost within the world Silence In The Snow has created.

- Digipak CD

1. Into My World
2. Mirror Eyes
3. Lost Gems
4. Silence In The Snow
5. 20 Years
6. Break In The Skin
7. Prisms
8. Into The Night
9. Small Ways

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