The Vision Bleak - The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey LUXUS EDITION CD-2 Digipak

31.08.2007 Item #: Pro 091 LU Prophecy Productions
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The horror-metal masters' heaviest album

Two years after the mighty concept album "Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem", The Vision Bleak are back with "The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey" - stronger and more diverse than ever before. On their third album, you will find songs that definitely rank among the heaviest The Vision Bleak have ever written; yet at the same time you'll also find some of their most atmospheric and most stringent tracks. 'The Demon Of The Mire', for example, exposes the Death Metal roots of the Franconian duo as plainly as never before; 'The Black Pharaoh Trilogy' reminds us of the epic dimensions of their previous album; and, by virtue of its sweeping character, 'By Our Brotherhood With Seth' has become The Vision Bleak's band anthem and the high point of every concert.

The album is available as:
- Jewelcase CD
- Digipak CD/DVD incl. 9-track live DVD


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The Vision Bleak
The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey LUXUS EDITION
CD-2 Digipak

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