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Prophecy Fest US Ticket Day 2

2018-10-02 Item #: PF-Ticket-2018-2
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Prophecy Fest US takes place at Knitting factory Brooklyn on November 2nd and 3rd.
This ticket is valid for day 2 (November 3rd).

Running order:

7-7:30 || Völur
8-8:30 || Xasthur
9-9:30 || Kayo Dot
10-10:45 || So Hideous
11:15-End || Novembers Doom

7-7:30 || 1476
8-8:30 || Year of the Cobra
9-9:30 || Crowhurst
10-10:45 || Eye Of Nix
11:15-End || Alcest

Please read carefully:

- There will be physical tickets at the entry.
- We will check your name at the entry. So please order with the name of the guest who will attend at the festival, thanks.
- There are NO shipping costs for the ticket.
- Every guest will get a free CD.
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