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A Forest Of Stars


"Gatherer Of The Pure" video clip now public

See here the video clip for A Forest Of Stars' "Gatherer Of The Pure", a song taken from their upcoming album "A Shadowplay For Yesterdays" (out July 20):

The Gentleman on "Gatherer Of The Pure": "The Gentlemen's Club of A Forest Of Stars is truly proud to present its new Théâtre Optique (fancy words we're told, meaning 'an animated film') for your pleasure, as it follows just one possible fate of our protagonist Mr Carrion Crow. Please spare a thought for Mr Ingram Blakelock - the talented director and animator - as he has to re-draw the film frame by frame every time you command the machine to play. Sadly (for him), some of our Victorian technology isn't as sophisticated as your own. For his continued sake, we hope you enjoy every last second!"

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