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Contract extension and vinyl-boxset

Helrunar have been signed for more than ten years to Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge and have become one of the label's mainstays with records such as "Frostnacht" (2005), "Baldr Ok Íss" (2007), the ambitious double album "Sól" (2011) and the recently released "Niederkunfft". Therefore, we are glad the band has extended their contract with us, so we can go on supporting their creative work in the future!

Skald Draugir comments: "We have been working with Prophecy / Lupus Lounge since the year 2004 and were always very satisfied, for the label grants us full artistic freedom. Also, we feel in good company among the other bands signed to them. Sometimes it feels like being part of a large, eccentric family. Overall, there are many reasons for us to accept the offer of contract extension, and we are looking forward to many more years of productive collaboration!

By the way: After the release of "Niederkunfft", Helrunar by no means sit back and take it easy. In months to come, the musicians concentrate on the completion of a lush vinyl-box titled "Vier Wege eines Winters. MM.I. - MM.XI." with all of Helrunar's recordings from "Grátr" to "Sól".

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