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"Sjukdom" and "Konkurs" merchandise available now

Several weeks before the tragic death of Lifelover's Jonas Bergqvist a.k.a. "B," we worked with him and Kim Carlsson on two Lifelover merchandise designs. It is a painful twist of fate that the finished products were delivered to our warehouse on the very day of his death, hence robbing him of the opportunity to see and wear them himself.
Kim a.k.a. "( )" and the other members of Lifelover are convinced that Jonas would have wished for the merchandise to quickly become available to Lifelover's fans. It is with their explicit approval that we make these new articles available now.

Apart from that, Lifelover's albums "Sjukdom" and "Konkurs" can now be listened to in their entirety on Prophecy's YouTube channel for free:

Listen now: Lifelover "Sjukdom"
Listen now: Lifelover "Konkurs"

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