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Moon Far Away signs with Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions


Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions is proud to announce the signing of Russian neo folk act Moon Far Away. Once referred to as “the heart of Russian gothic folk” or “The Russian Dead Can Dance,” the band has released four studio albums, a live album, several singles and numerous collaborations since their inception in 1994 and played festivals across Russia and Europe.

The art of Moon Far Away is characterized by a deep knowledge and connection with the unique ancient heritage of their native region, the Russian North. Historically, the North was a free space where human creativity found its expression in rich poetry, music, visual culture and wooden architecture. Unlike in central Russia, there was no slavery in the North. Still today, the Russian North preserves the most interesting and unique heritage of ancient Russian culture dating back to its pre-Christian history.

Moon Far Away have dedicated themselves to the continuation of their home region’s tradition, both musically and culturally. By combining traditional European culture and the soundscapes of the Russian North with influences from classic neo folk and modern technology, the music of Moon Far Away is a unique artistic expression where West meets East.

The masked leader of Moon Far Away, Count Ash, has this to say about the contract with Auerbach/Prophecy: "When Moon Far Away released their debut album ‘Lado World’, our song "Praesagium" turned out to become our first underground hit. Praesagium means Prophecy, in Latin. So for us, it seems like a good omen that today the label with the same name has become our home. We are happy to connect our destiny with Prophecy, where many of our favorite bands and musicians release their music."

One of these musicians is Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus fame, who collaborated with Moon Far Away on their upcoming album “Athanor Eurasia” which is to become their Auerbach/Prophecy debut “I'm very happy to hear that Moon Far Away are becoming part of the Prophecy empire of evil,” Wakeford comments. “I had the privilege to be asked to contribute to their new song ‘Celebrate’ and I look forward having them as label mates now.”

To launch our collaboration, the back catalogue of Moon Far Away has been released digitally, largely for the first time ever. The band's previous releases are available on Bandcamp as of now:

Moon Far Away Bandcamp

The next step will be the new album "Athanor Eurasia". Listen here to the brand-new song "Napadi Rosa" here:

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