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Silence In The Snow United States Tour 2019 with Thief


Silence In The Snow will be on tour in the United States for more than 30 concerts in August and September. They will be supported by their label mates Thief. You can see them live here:

8.16 Stockton, CA - Flowershop w/ Thief
8.17 Oakland, CA - First Church of the Buzzard w/ Thief, Moira Scar, Mystic Priestess, In Aporia
8.18 San Diego, CA - Space w/ Thief
8.19 Phoenix, AZ - The Lunchbox w/ Thief, Rotting Yellow, Aon
8.20 Albuquerque, NM - Long Hair Records w/ Thief, Soft Deception
8.22 Austin, TX - The Lost Well w/ Curse Mackey, Thief, Deep Cross
8.23 Dallas, TX - Armoury DE w/ Thief, Rosegarden Funeral Party
8.24 Houston, TX - Leon’s Lounge w/ Thief, Rosegarden Funeral Party
8.25 New Orleans, LA - The Mudlark Theater w/ Thief, Missing, Proud/Father
8.27 Nashville, TN - The Cobra w/ Thief, Stacian
8.28 Richmond, VA - Wonderland w/ Thief, Serqet
8.29 Washington DC - The Pie Shop w/ Thief, Bound, Aertex
8.30 Brooklyn, NY - El Cortez w/ Thief, Piggy Black Cross, Compactor
8.31 Boston, MA - Great Scott w/ Thief, Final Gasp, Deep Hole
9.1 Philadelphia, PA - The Pharmacy w/ Thief, House of fortune
9.03 Pittsburgh, PA - Gooski’s w/ Doors In The Labyrinth, God Hates Unicorns
9.05 Detroit, MI - The Sanctuary w/ Siamese, Love Under Will
9.08 Chicago, IL - Live Wire Lounge
9.10 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis w/ Echo Beds
9.11 Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court w/ Division of Doubt, Glume
9.13 Portland, OR - Hight Water Mark w/ Lunch, Vueltas, Vacant Stares
9.14 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge w/ Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Nostalgist, The Sun & the Mirror
9.15 Olympia, WA - Cryptatropa
9.16 Salem, OR - Graveyard Bar
9.17 Eugene, OR - Wandering Goat w/ Behalf
9.18 Arcata, CA - Rampart
9.19 Sacramento, CA - The Blue Lamp w/ Thief, Venetian Veil, DJ Dada
9.20 Modesto, CA - The Shire w/ Thief, Negative Child
9.21 Santa Cruz - Blue Lagoon w/ Thief, Cosmic Reef Temple
9.22 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo w/ Thief, TBA
9.27 Berkeley, CA - Odlid Factory w/ Cruor Incendia, Jessica Way, Kris Force
9.28 Nevada City - The Birds Nest w/ Noctooa, Venetian Veil

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