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Sol Invictus


"Thrones" / "In Europa" now available

The enhanced reissues of Sol Invictus' "Thrones" and "In Europa" are out now!

"Thrones", originally from 2002, is enhanced by a jam-packed 11-track bonus CD. It contains tracks from the deleted collection of Sol Invictus rarities "The Angel", the hidden tracks from the best-of album "The Giddy Whirl of Centuries", the songs "Light me the Candle" and "Welcome" from the compilations "Writ in Water" and "Songs for Aliénor", a live recording of "Amongst the Ruins" from Paris that was originally included on a compilation by Orkus magazine in 2003, as well as the song "Owl & Pussycat", previously only available with the compilation "Songs for Landeric."

The live album "In Europa" with recordings made in Amsterdam (1996) and in Nevers (1995) is a monument for the expressive and powerful live performances by Sol Invictus. Originally released in 1998, these high-quality recordings will be made available again in the customary form of Auerbach Tonträger's re-release series on November 4th, 2011. The original album is accompanied by a bonus DVD that captures olL's WGT performance at the Leipzig Völkerschlachtdenkmal in 1998. In addition, the audio CD includes two bonus songs: a previously unreleased version of "Ave Maria" as well as "Petals from a Rose", performed by the Quartet Noir and previously only available on the compilation "What is Eternal."

Both albums are released in portrait digipak format, feature new artworks as well as liner notes ("Thrones" by Tony Wakeford, "In Europa" by Bob Rusche), and are each limited to 700 copies only.

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