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Sol Invictus


"The Cruellest Month" now available | press feedback

To Tony Wakeford and Sol Invictus, June 2011 surely is not the cruellest month. For today, the Neofolk stalwarts not only release "The Cruellest Month," their long-awaited 17th studio album, also the press is euphoric about the return of Sol Invictus and their latest achievement:

9.5/10 points, act of the month! ORKUS
10/10 points METAL.TM
5/6 points BODYSTYLER
6.5/7 points EARSHOT.AT
95/100 points FENIX WEBZINE
87/100 points ROCK TRIBUNE

"Wonderfully misty Folk Noir, authentic, unpretentious, and without any gimmickry. An essential and fascinating work!" ORKUS
"One of the best works of Sol Invictus. A fantastic comeback!" ECLIPSED
"13 songs highlighting the rough edges and the strengths of Tony Wakeford who presents himself in peak form!" BODYSTYLER
"A stunning example of what is called 'folk noir'!" RITUAL
"There is just one word to aptly describe this album: masterpiece. 'The Cruellest Month' unites all the strengths of Sol Invictus to prove once more why this band is considered an absolute touchstone in the realm of classical Neofolk and Dark / Apocalyptic Folk!" METAL.TM
"Sol Invictus are longing for new light again. 'The Cruellest Month' is a testimony of this indefatigability." IKONEN
"Needless to say again how brilliant 'The Cruellest Month' is, but other artists will have to work damn hard to get it out of my top 10 for 2011!" PEEK-A-POO-MAGAZINE.BE
"A combative, but also melancholic and self-reflective Neofolk album that is guaranteed to disappoint no fan of the original old school of British Neofolk!" EARSHOT.AT
"In my opinion, Sol Invictus have never sounded quite as strong as on 'The Cruellest Month'!" MEDIENKONVERTER.DE
"'The Cruellest Month' is an absolute must-have and needs to be part of every Neofolk collection!" MUSIK.TERRORVERLAG.DE
"As expected, Sol Invictus deliver another masterpiece that caters to the highest demands and reproduces exactly the atmospheres that fans of this exceptional band are craving for – an absolute must-have!" KULTURTERRORISMUS.DE

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