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The Dark Red Seed signs with Prophecy Productions | First song now available


The Dark Red Seed is the musical outlet of Tosten Larson, guitarist for Seattle dark folk musician King Dude. A self-coined "metaphor for the heart", The Dark Red Seed represents a direct reference to life - and death - itself. The duo, which also includes Shawn Fleming who along with Larson has previously worked with King Dude during the recording sessions of "Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light", has signed with Prophecy Productions and will release its debut EP, "The Dark Red Seed Stands with Death", this summer.

Raised in Kalispell, Montana and currently based in Portland, Oregon, Tosten Larson began his classical instruction as a young boy sitting at his grandmother's piano. Firmly rooted in the traditions of American music, Larson's sound is equally shaped by art rock such as Swans and Six Organs of Admittance, Eastern masters like Kayan Kalhor and Ravi Shankar, and hard rock staples such as Led Zeppelin and Neil Young. Though he wears his influences on his sleeve, his music attempts to defy category and carve its own path.

Tosten Larson on his signing to Prophecy:
"I'm so thrilled to be joining the Prophecy roster. Their diverse roster of musicians is exactly the place where I want my music to be; with a label that puts the art and the artist's vision first. I already feel encouraged by the team at Prophecy to follow my own path musically and that is a freedom not often by labels today. For this I am truly grateful and excited to join the Prophecy family!"

In tandem with the signing news we are happy to present you the first track from "The Dark Red Seed Stands with Death", namely "The Antagonist":

Larson on the song:
"'The Antagonist' is a portrait of the decline and death of America and the American Democracy. A critical self analysis of the enemy within and how we are not only a part of that decline, we are the decline and the destruction. We are complicit and therefore guilty by association. We are our own worst enemy."

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