Canaan - Brand New Babylon CD Digisleeve

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The dark side of Italy

"Brand New Babylon" may not come across as very Italian, but the album does have a certain Italian flair. Of course, by this we don't mean an easy-going beach mentality or even a dolce-vita attitude, but rather a mixture of ambient sound collages and gloomy melancholic pop with a destructive touch that decrees the sunny sky to darken.

1. Theta Division
2. In Un Cielo Di Pece
3. Sperm Like Honey
4. Disintegrate
5. Of Lost Desires
6. Shelter 1
7. La Simmetria Del Dolore
8. For A Drowning Soul
9. The Circle Of Waters
10. 7119
11. The Meaning Of Solitude (Return To 9117)
12. Over Absolute Black
13. Lick My Poison
14. A Descent To Babylon

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