Naervaer - Skiftninger CD

05.03.2001 Item #: PRO 023 Prophecy Productions

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A true Prophecy classic

”Skiftninger” (”Variations”) includes 15 charming songs, being intensive but not vociferous. This time the musicians achieved to draw back into their inner self and to document their voyage with an unusual instrumentation. They invite the listener to join them on their trip and to experience calm moments and silence as well as extroverted joy of life and emotions no words can describe adequately.

1. To Plan
2. Døse Dager
3. Vi Så'kke Land
4. 92-Tid-99
5. Nummen
6. Bob Dylan Is The Fucking King
7. Sug 99
8. To Øyer...
9. ...To Hav 1
10. En Lonesome

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