Les Discrets

Les Discrets
Fursy Teyssier, known through his work with Alcest and Amesoeurs as well as a visual artist, founded Les Discrets (Engl. "Those who keep silent") in 2003. He outlines the concept of his band like this: "The project's concept is pervaded by the perception of nature as well as my existential questions, especially about the feelings of love and death, as I always found a parallel between nature and human life and love." In terms of music, the exploration of these essential issues is expressed in playful Post Rock permeated by massive Doom Metal and some folkloristic details. Teyssier's artistic expression doesn't stop there, though. The band's releases come across as total works of art comprised of lyrics, music, images, and even movies. Every single one of these facets reveals more details of the realm of the "Discrets" and invites the listeners to delve ever deeper into this world.

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