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Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées

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An elegiac and sublime album of enraptured beauty

On their second album, "Ariettes Oubliées...", Les Discrets appear significantly matured in many aspects. Teyssier's artistic vision is clearer than ever, and his vocal performance shows a big progression in comparison to past recordings. Winterhalter contributes arguably the best and most diverse drum performance of his carreer, and the sensitive, poetic lyrics of Audrey Hadorn add a further dimension to the album. The album's tenor is more severe, yet the bittersweet melancholy and almost painful yearning - both characteristic of the debut album, "Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées" - here they are more moving than before. "Ariettes..." is an elegiac and sublime album of enraptured beauty that develops Les Discrets' characteristic style in the hybridization of Post-Rock, Doom Metal, and Shoegaze convincingly in every element, to every extent, and which will cement the band's status as a cornerstone of a new, thrilling music genre.

Available editions:
- budget jewelcase CD
- limited digibook incl. extended booklet
- artbook with 48 pages, size approx. 28x28 cm, incl. bonus disc with 3 bonustracks and a download code for the video clip of "Ariettes oubliées I"; limited to 1.000 copies
- clear gatefold LP with special 24bit vinyl mastering and alternative coverart; limited to 500 copies


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