All along, Antimatter stands for reflective, melancholic music that is better defined by Moss' charismatic vocals and an emotional undertone than by any stylistic pigeon-holing or mind-cuffs. An important landmark in the founding of Antimatter was Duncan Patterson leaving his former band Anathema, whose albums "Eternity" and "Alternative 4" were strongly informed by his song-writing input. Meeting Mick Moss turned out to be a stroke of fate that was going to shape the unique music of Antimatter. The duo's path led them from the Trip-Hop elements, Lounge music, and tranquil guitar parts on "Saviour" and "Lights Out" to the depressive unplugged album "Planetary Confinement." Even when Mick Moss saw himself forced to continue Antimatter as a solo project after Patterson left the band in 2006, he was able to maintain the characteristic sound of Antimatter and even introduce dark Rock components on "Leaving Eden."

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