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Aureole - Alunarian Bellmaster Book 3-CD

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For whom the bells toll in the Citadel Alunar shall encounter the Bellmaster! The particularly sinister and insidious musical and lyrical universe that Markov "M.S." Soroka is continuously creating with his various projects AUREOLE and TCHORNOBOG as well as ETERNIUM, KRUKH, and DROWN is enriched by a new chapter: The third AUREOLE full-length "Alunarian Bellmaster" differs stylistically from its direct predecessor "Aurora Borealis" (2016) in atmosphere and feeling. The album returns to the spirit of the 2014 debut "Alunar" albeit as a more advanced version with the added experience regarding production techniques and conceptual writing that Soroka has acquired over the years. Armed with a vicious sound, the album's lyrical theme is echoed in the sound of 30 bells sampled by Markov and incorporated on "Alunarian Bellmaster". The story told on this album is part of the same grimdark fantasy and science fiction based cosmos that AUREOLE and TCHORNOBOG share. The cryptic mystery revealed in AUREOLE demands to worship the Alunarian Belltower in the infinity of cosmos. "Alunarian Bellmaster" is the most definitive Aureole release yet!

“Alunarian Bellmaster” [2024]
01. Solariis Strike [Activation >> Alunar]
02. Alunarian Ghosts of Bellmaster
03. 10,000 Bells Resonate Cosmos Untold
04. Warpstorm [Invasion >> Alunar]
05. Arrival of Deathless Interlopers
06. Orbiting Among Alunarian Ruins
07. Beware That Which Inhabits The Belltower
08. Alunarian Surrender
09. [UGC 2885 >> Spawn A Second Citadel Bell...]

CD2 (artbook only)
Meditations For The Belltower
“Alunarian Bellmaw EP” [2021]
01. Arrival of Stagnant Interlopers
02. Cosmos Untaught
03. Maw Belltower
“Resonance: Crimson Void” [2016]
04. Void Obsidian - NGC: 2244
05. Void Obsidian - NGC 2246
“Unreleased Demos”
06. Stellar Remnants of A Crimson Void [2017]
07. Serving The Nebular Void [2016]
08. View From Citadel Window [2015]
09. The Red Realm Unview [2014]
10. Horizon of Burning Comets [2012]

CD3 (artbook only)
“Alunarian Live Cosmos” [2019]
01. Citadel Alunar
02. Voice of Nebular Flame
03. Void Obsidian - NGC 2244
04. Crusade of NGC 5128

3CD Book Edition (Hardcover, 18x18cm, 36 pages), lyrics, drawings, photos, plus 2 bonus CDs featuring an EP, tracks from a split LP, early demo tracks, and live performances

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