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Darkher - The Kingdom Field

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Female fronted darkness

Darkher is the alias of Jayn Jayn Maiven, a charismatic West Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter behind whose fragile elegance lies the creator of a powerfully emotive work. Her captivating music is characterized by slowly building storm clouds of guitars and even more Jayn's haunting, spine-tinglingly evocative voice. It is unprecedented dark music full of contrasts, at once powerful and fragile, wrecked and serene, combining a feel of both chilling loneliness and the warmth of hope, and it is veined by an atmosphere of esoteric splendor and a deep spiritual confidence.
The EP "The Kingdom Field" is Darkher's first release on a bigger scale. Its first three tracks have been self-released by the artist before in a strictly limited printrun of only 100 copies. For this new release however they have been newly mixed and mastered and enhanced by the yet unreleased song "The Kingdom Field".

Available editions:
- CD Digipak
- 12" vinyl EP (500 copies black vinyl, 500 copies white vinyl) with special vinyl mastering and incl. PVC protection sleeve

1. Ghost Tears
2. Hung
3. Foregone
4. The Kingdom Field


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