Ewigheim - Heimwege CD

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Ewig|heim s.; lit.; (1) the Grim Reaper; Death, Hades; (2) Sound circle in Thuringia; (3) available 24 hours a day

We are living in a grotesque world working towards its own undoing. You just have to react to that, don’t you! Either with the daring, naïve, absurd and comical murderous desires of “Mord nicht ohne Grund” (2002)—or as Ewigheim do it with "Heimwege".
In many regards, their new album is sounding more subtle, sophisticated, greater and more beautiful. Yet, Ewigheim have managed to stay true to their own charm and the momentum of sheer grotesquery.
“Heimwege" is both confession and statement. Ewigheim are confessing themselves to simple, yet vastly powerful tracks; and they are making a statement on this great, wide world which can make you either sink in desperation or laugh out loud—just as you please to …..

The album is available as:
- Jewelcase CD
- Digipak 2CD incl. 4-track bonus CD

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