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Fortíð - Völuspá Artbook 3-CD

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fortíð's debut album, the release of "Völuspá" as a 3CD large-format artbook unites the band's first three albums: "Völuspá Part I: Thor's Anger" (2003), "Völuspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris" (2007) and "Völuspá Part III: Fall Of The Ages" (2010). These albums, forming a conceptual trilogy, are herewith brought together on one release for the first time. Three bonus tracks were added to each album, and in addition the first two albums were remastered by Einar "Eldur" Thorberg Guðmundsson.

The artbook contains 60 pages and impresses at first glance with its hardcover, which is finished with golden hotfoil. The content of the artbook includes introductions by Kári Pálsson and Einar "Eldur" Thorberg Guðmundsson, all lyrics in original language and in English translation, essays on the band's history and numerous visual material from each creative period of Fortíð.

"Völuspá" is an impressive monument to these milestones of Icelandic Pagan Black Metal, which honors the importance of the first three Fortíð albums.

01. Into Battle / Til orustu
02. An Ode to the Raven / Krummavísur
03. Ýmir's Death / Dauði Ýmis
04. Creations / Skapanir
05. Birth of Men / Fæðing manna
06. Thor's Anger / Reiði Þórs
07. The Past / Fortíð
Bonus tracks:
08. Krummavísur (Remix)
09. Dauði Ýmis (Remix)
10. Reiði Þórs (Remix)

01. Bifröst
02. Odin's Sacrifice / Fórn Óðins
03. Baldur's Murder / Morð Baldurs
04. World of Hel / Helheimur
05. The Arrival of Fenris / Koma Fenris
06. Náströnd
07. The Presence / Nútíð
Bonus tracks:
08. Fórn Óðins (Remix)
09. Helheimur (Remix)
10. Koma Fenris (Remix)

01. Ancient Halls / Fornir salir
02. Ragnarök Army from the East / Austursins heimsenda her
03. Fall of the Ages / Fall aldanna
04. Equilibrium Reclaimed / Jafnvægi endurheimt
05. New Dawn / Ný dögun
06. Heltekinn
07. The Future / Framtíð
Bonus tracks:
08. Sorgarsöngur
09. Fall aldanna (Live 2010)
10. Heltekinn (Live 2010)

3CD hardcover artbook (28x28 cm, 60 pages, golden hotfoil embossed cover) with 3 full-length albums, 9 unreleased bonus tracks, prefaces, essays, and extensive visual material.

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