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Gae Bolg - Aucassin Et Nicolette CD Digipak

17.05.2005 Item #: AB 012 Auerbach

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Ambitious setting of a classic of mediaeval literature

Gaë Bolg is the brand name for the bombastic, martial, and uniquely mediaeval sounds from the forge of French musician Eric Roger, also known as Sol Invictus' former trumpeter. Hymn-like and martial, the music of Gaë Bolg tells us about battles, binges, and heroic deeds in the Middle Ages. The concept album "Aucassin Et Nicolette" is based on the eponymous piece of literature from the year 1225 and is more serious, musically richer, and more diverse than previous releases by this ensemble.

01. Prélude
02. Invocation I
03. Le Diable Parle
04. La Maladie D'Aucassin
05. Chanson
06. Sur Les Bords De L'Ille
07. Dans La Loge
08. Les Visions De Théophile
09. Invocation II
10. Danse
11. Le Cygne Noir
12. Ballade
13. Passacaille
14. Le Retour D'Aucassin
15. Aucassin Et Nicolette

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