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Les Discrets - Virée Nocturne CD Single

12.08.2016 Item #: PRO 203 Prophecy Productions

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The 4-track EP "Virée Nocturne" is released on the occasion of Prophecy Fest 2016 and heralds Les Discrets' third album "Prédateurs" (due out in early 2017). Four years after the last studio effort, "Ariettes Oubliées", Fursy Teyssier departs from his blend of atmospheric metal and post rock, influenced by such artists as Agalloch, Anathema or early Ulver, and returns with a reinvention of Les Discrets. Drawing inspiration from acts like Portishead, Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey, Pink Floyd or Blonde Redhead, he keeps his musical core with a calmer version of Les Discrets, maintaining the inherent melancholy and melodics.

"Virée Nocturne" is not only a new start in terms of music, but also on the visual level. For the first time, Teyssier collaborates with another graphic designer on the visual appearance of a Les Discrets release. The British artist Chris Friel combines painting with photography in a unique way, a huge inspiration for Teyssier and even the guideline for the music.

Besides the title track that will also be featured on "Prédateurs", the EP features the exclusive song "Capricorni. Virginis. Corvi", a demo version of another new song ("Le Reproche") and a remix of "Virée Noturne" by progressive hip hop artist Dälek.

Available editions:
- CD Digipak
- 12' vinyl EP (black) incl. printed inner sleeve (400 copies)
- 12" vinyl EP (clear) incl. printed inner sleeve (90 copies and exclusively available at Prophecy Fest 2016)

1. Virée Nocturne
2. Capricorni.Virginis.Corvi
3. Le Reproche (demo version)
4. Virée Nocturne (Dälek / Deadverse Remix)


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