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Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas Lux

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Sol Invictus' compilation double album "Sol Veritas Lux" combines the band's first releases: the mini-LP "Against the Modern World" (1988) and the live album "In the Jaws of the Serpent" (1989). The music of this release is dark, rough, and primitive, and counts among the earliest efforts of the post-industrial neofolk music scene.

01. Angels Fall
02. Raven Chorus
03. Against The Modern World
04. Long Live Death
05. A Ship Is Burning
06. Untitled
07. Summer Ends
08. Wolf-Age, Axe-Age
09. The Joy Of The World
10. Angels Fall (Sol Veritas Lux version)
11. Against The Modern World (Sol Veritas Lux version)
12. Summer Ends (Sol Veritas Lux version)
13. Angels Fall
14. Rise And Fall
15. The World Turns
16. The Runes
17. Gold Is King
18. TWA Corbies
19. Somewhere In Europe
20. Media
21. Abattoirs Of Love
22. Raven Chorus

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