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Sol Invictus - The Killing Tide Vinyl Gatefold LP | Black

14.01.2022 Item #: AB 037 LP Auerbach

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Noble re-release of the Sol Invictus classic with seven bonus tracks

As befits the album's twentieth anniversary, "The Killing Tide" is going to be re-released in a re-worked and extended edition on October 07th, 2011. Apart from the usual upgrading of our series of new Sol Invictus editions - such as a portrait-format Digipak, revised artwork, and liner notes by Tony Wakeford - the original album is going to be accompanied by seven bonus tracks: in addition to an old DAT recording of "The World Turns" and a version of "Somewhere In Europe" that was originally released on the Schock 7", you will also find five live recordings from a concert at Frankfurt's Sound Depot back in 1991.

- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, black) with new artwork and layout, incl, printed inner sleeve and protection sleeve (500 copies)

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