Nucleus Torn

Nucleus Torn
Initiated in 1997 as a purely acoustic solo project by Fredy Schnyder, Nucleus Torn developed into a many-headed band somewhere between folk, progressive rock, and elements from classical music in the following years. With their stylistic diversity, Nucleus Torn prove in an impressive manner that seemingly contrasting kinds of music do not exclude each other as long as they take the multiplicity of human emotions into account. This fact was already hinted at on their early recordings – which have later been gathered on the compilation album "Travellers" – and was eventually expertly implemented on the conceptional trilogy of albums, "Nihil," "Knell," and "Andromeda Awaiting." Here, Nucleus Torn additionally integrate elements from Early Music (Mediaeval, Renaissance) as well as Jazz and extreme Metal into their diverse spectrum, but without sacrificing their music's stringency in the process. "Golden Age," which was retrospectively added to their ambitious concept trilogy as a prequel, was the latest manifestation of Nucleus Torn's unpredictability and their unique musical expression.

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