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Nucleus Torn - Knell CD Digipak

22.02.2008 Item #: PRO 093 Prophecy Productions

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Nucleus Torn's dark and threatening sophomore

Nucleus Torn have always striven to combine the depth of classical music, the energy of rock, and the joys of sound experiments to create a homogenous total work of art. With "Knell", the ensemble has come closer to this goal than ever before. Indeed, "Knell" is far gloomier, far more desolate and threatening compared to its predecessor "Nihil" (2006), but it is also far more advanced in terms of composition, arrangement, and sound. Thus, mastermind Fredy Schnyder is rightfully proud of his new work: "This album creates worlds that haven't been explored before. Every listener following us there will sooner or later find access to the emotional depth of 'Knell'. It is disturbing and touching - as are life and death."

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